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Hyden, Western Australia

Kerrigan Valley Beef is an accredited feedlot and operates under the NAFS (National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme) guidelines.

Kerrigan Valley Beef is a family owned and operated business in the Hyden area which is situated 360kms from Perth in the wheat belt of WA. The cattle are sourced from the Great Southern and Esperance regions of Western Australia and are back grounded on the family farm before entering the feedlot. The cattle are grain fed for 80-120 days with a ration that is cleaned, tempered, rolled and fed to the cattle daily.

All cattle are kept in a quiet environment and handled with the Low Stress Handling techniques. Kerrigan Beef prides itself on animal welfare and abides by high environmental standards. All cattle are NLIS (National Livestock Identification Scheme) ear tagged for lifetime traceability. The Hinck family (Trevor, Sharon, Craig, Kingsley and Jordan) prides themselves on having healthy and vibrant cattle.